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Passions, pleasures, fears: author’s confession freely inspired by the Proust questionnaire.

The main trait of my character. I am affectionate and friendly. I like physical contact and making people close to me feel safe and welcome.

How I feel now. Extremely grateful.

My fault.

Sometimes I allow my ego to influence the choices I make.

What do I hate most. Ignorance, excessive makeup and dry feet.

A talent or a physical quality that I would like to have. I would like to speak multiple languages ​​and be able to play the piano.

What I’m looking for in particular in a script. A lively exchange of witty jokes.

The place where I liked most to work.


My main talent.


The way I prefer to spend time.


My definition of beauty today.

What defines beauty today is that there is no concise description. The idea that exists led us to judge everything bad that is not beautiful in the strict sense. And we now have extremely effective tools to redefine that ideal and also stimulate a debate on the nuances of beauty and its unlimited potential.

The most precious item in my wardrobe.

A blue trench coat in Céline leather.

What is fashion for me.

It is an expression. It makes think. It requires no effort. It is an extension of our mind. It is the way we want to be present in the world.

The models I admire.

Binx Walton, Yasmeen Ghauri, Precious Lee, Crystal Renn.

Inclusion in fashion is …?

Having opened a new discourse and range of action.

My dream of happiness. Being free from the ego and from any judgment.

My slogan.

Be the girl you didn’t have.

Who would I put on the cover of Vogue Italia.

I would die to see Sade there.

Look here for Shrink My Closet, the model Paloma Elsesser opens her wardrobe in Vogue and …

Paloma Elsesser, 26, half Chilean and half Swiss father, African American mother. Psychology student at the New School in New York, she became a model through an Instagram scouting. Testimonial for Nike, Fenty Beauty and for the limited edition Golden Makeover by Pat McGrath, she made her debut on the New York Fashion Week catwalks for the S / S 2018 Eckhaus Latta collection and on the Paris ones for Jour / Né.

Photo Matt priestley.

Vogue Italia, May 2018, n.813, p. 40

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