Pangaia Launches Its First Zero-Waste, Sustainable Sneakers

Photograph courtesy of Pangaia

Pangaia strikes again.

Following on from its collaboration with Jaden Smith, celebrity and influencer brand Pangaia is back in the headlines with the launch of its first ever pair of sustainable sneakers. And since the brand describes itself as a “materials science” company, you know there’s more than what you see.

The sneakers are made from recycled grape leather, recovered from the leftover waste created in Italy by the wine industry. According to the brand, 6.5 billion liters of waste (including grape stalks, skins and seeds) are created each year by the global wine industry. The sneaker also uses 100% recycled rubber (made from industrial waste) for the sole, natural cotton laces made from 100% recycled plastic and biobased water glue, which means that no new material is used in the construction of the shoe.

sustainable sneakers
Photograph courtesy of Pangaia

Available in black and white, the sneakers feature the brand’s signature text on the side and are described as “ultra-comfortable, lightweight, breathable and built to last.”

The sneaker launched for pre-order this week and – like every drop from the brand – quickly sold out. The first orders will ship around November 6, but it is not yet clear whether future drops will be released or not. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, check out our interview with British Columbia-based vegan shoe brand Vessi, which recently launched its latest waterproof shoe.

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