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If on Instagram the hashtag #brows brings to 14,234,370 photos and if on Pinterest the tutorial searches go crazy brows shaping, there is a reason: to have perfect eyebrows and tidy and cleanhas long been a priority, even before a trend. And if it is now known that the gull-wing shape who went crazy in the nineties (Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss are witnesses) is now considered out of trend, this does not mean to leave the eyebrows to life. On the contrary: even more so if thick and defined, eyebrows require regular care and maintenance. In times of lockdown, Glamor UK proposes to try his hand at wire epilating technique, better known as threading. Used for centuries by women in Arab and Indian countries, it allows you to perfectly clean this area of ​​the face. Here’s how to master the technique, which is very effective, but requires attention and training.

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Do the first tests on the mustache area

Second Claudia Milia, lash & brow artist and creator of the ateliers Plumes, “Modeling eyebrow hair using wire is not easy. Indeed, it is a method that requires a lot of practice and just as much caution. That’s why the first advice I would like to give you is to do the first wire tests on the area of ​​the lip contour. In this area, in fact, the risk of doing damage is limited, unlike the eyebrows, which once affected create a strong imbalance in the whole face “. Which way to start? “Using both hands, you go to roll the thread in a spiral, leaving space to thread one hand and, with the other, handling the thread. Your goal must be to support the spiral point of the thread very well, because if not perfectly adherent it risks taking the hair in length and cutting it instead of pulling it out ”.

The thread to “clean the eyebrows

“After being familiar with the mustache area and having learned to handle the thread in a controlled way, move on to the eyebrows. In front of the mirror, in full light, proceed cleaning down, but limiting yourself to that. Then, with the tweezersinstead, go to outline the outline, recreating your ideal shape. Better to avoid doing the threading on the eyebrows themselves, because the ability to trap more hair with the wire and forming holes is high. And then, we know, it’s hard (and very long) to fill them and return to perfect eyebrows “.

The extra advice to make the technique effective

Some secrets why the thread method gives excellent results? According to the expert, “A veil of talcum powder on the eyebrow area. In this way the skin will be dry and soft and the wire can slide more easily, favoring the manual skills of those who are beginners. Other advice evergreen: look at (and look at) gods video tutorial where qualified experts show the correct epilation procedure threading, before attempting epilation yourself. Finally don’t forget that the movement must always be against the hair, to be able to weed it out in one shot, avoiding to break it. And don’t panic if the treated area turns out reddened after the treatment: half an hour and everything is back to normal “.

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