Photo FashionTrends: Giovanni Montanaro’s story “Thus Summer Is Coming”

How much I missed the water. Until I bathe, summer doesn’t exist for me. I wait all year for this moment. And I have such a desire for the sea that I always go too early, in mid-May, when the water is freezing. I put my foot on it and I feel crazy, there is all the wind coming towards me, I think I have a thousand icicles on my skin. “No, I can’t,” I say to myself, because I’m already thinking about the exit, with all the water on me. But then I stay there for a moment, I take confidence. The water no longer seems so cold to me, and then I think I can do it, that’s why I’m there. If I run when I go out, I dive on the towel, I immediately wrap myself up, maybe I can survive. Then I advance to the knee, and it’s the easiest part. The sea is in front of me, you can’t see anything on the other side, I don’t turn to the beach, there is nothing but water.

Albane & Abel by Daragh Soden, Île du Levant, Hyères, 2018. Irish based in London, Daragh Soden won the Hyères festival in 2017. He is a member of PhotoVogue, the photo platform curated by FashionTrends photo editors Italy that since April 2011 has been open to all genres, from reportage to still life, from fashion to architecture, and which today has over 183 thousand photographers from all over the world.

© Daragh Soden

I like to bathe because that’s how summer comes, because that’s how I feel inside something big. All worries, all fears, pass for a moment; I feel just a human being, an animal, a fish, I feel safe, nothing takes joy away from me. So I advance. The worst moment is the costume, when it comes to the belly. At that point it is late, too late, and then I throw myself, and it is a painful moment, but then it passes for a while. Nearly. The cold returns after a while; you can’t last long. It does not matter. This year has been different. Usually, I come in mid-May, when it is still very cold. This year, however, I am here which is already hot. What a strange year it has been. What a strange year it will continue to be. How much I missed the water. How much I missed you.

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From FashionTrends Italia, n. 839, July / August 2020

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