Photo Vogue: the story “My Kingdom” by Giovanni Montanaro

I was fed up, and then I decided to build a spaceship, to leave here forever. I no longer wanted to be on Earth, it is a complicated, polluted planet, full of wars and bad taste. There are a lot of planets in the universe, it is not that there is a guide to choose them, and then I decided a little randomly for one who, from a distance, seemed nice to me. When I got off, I realized that it was all made of fabrics, beautiful. There were no plants, water, metals. Only long fabrics to wrap in. Then I took one, and put it on my head, as if it were a crown, and I felt that I was the queen of that magnificent country. I laughed. I was so beautiful, although nobody could see me. I did not care. At one point, however, I felt lonely, and I thought that I was missing someone to talk to, and that I wanted a woman, better a woman I liked.

I don’t know how it was possible, but I created it, it appeared in front of me. It was nice, but then I found it a bit boring, in two it wasn’t fun. So I created a hundred of them, and I let them talk, love each other. And then (after a long period to tell the truth) I thought that basically males could serve, and I started to create them. And then I put the water, and the gold and the trees. And I also created mobile phones, and Instagram, which were not there before, so I could publish my photos, and this one where I have the crown on my head, and I feel beautiful. And I continued like this, I thought of everything that seemed to me to be missing, and I began to imagine it, to create it. So I continued to imagine, and at a certain point I realized that I was remaking the Earth as it was, and instead of bothering me, I felt nostalgic. So I took the ship and went back.

Opening photo: Enam Asiama, portrayed by Timo Kerber, is an Lgbtq activist and plus size model, part of the “2020 wishes” project created with David Evans. Timo Kerber is registered with PhotoVogue, the photographic platform of curated by the photo editors of Vogue Italia which since April 2011 has been open to all genres, from reportage to still life, from fashion to architecture, and which today has over 183 thousand photographers from all over the world.


Selection by Alessia Glaviano

From Vogue Italia, n. 835, March 2020

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