Piers Morgan in fiery row with minister over PPE shortage and

Angry Piers Morgan angry with the Minister of Vaccines



Piers Morgan was embroiled in a heated feud with Vaccine Minister MP Nadhim Zahawi on Monday as the minister refused to convict Matt Hancock or admit there were PPE shortages at the start of the pandemic.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was found to have “acted illegally” in awarding contracts for PPE, and the shortages were such that medics were pictured carrying garbage bags because they were not enough. protected.

Mr Zahawi denied that there were shortages even when confronted with the footage, which infuriated Piers.

“It was tight, it was difficult,” Zahawi said. “The NAO looked at this, no health trust happened.”

Piers fired back: “The Health Secretary said, in fact, that there has never been a national shortage of PPE.

The reason he broke the contract details disclosure law is because he was working so hard to avoid a nationwide PPE shortage, which I say is a shameful lie – he there was a grotesque shortage of PPE.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid pose for a photo: Piers showed the minister pictures of medics carrying garbage bags but he always denied that PPE was insufficient

Piers showed the minister photos of medics carrying garbage bags, but he always denied that PPE was insufficient

| We hadn’t planned this properly, in fact we even had NHS staff, as they didn’t see their colleagues dying en masse on the front lines in the first wave due to the lack of PPE, wearing in made trash bags, because they do not have PPE.

“The Health Secretary lied, right, when he said there was no national shortage?”

Mr Zahawi replied: “The NAO has looked into this, and I have to accept their report which says that no health trust has gone without the PPE it needs.

While other countries, you know Piers because you mentioned it, had a real problem with PPE.

a man smiling for the camera: the minister of vaccines Nadhim Zahawi

Minister of Vaccines Nadhim Zahawi

Piers intervened: “I’m sorry, we had a huge problem with the PPE.

“In fact, don’t take my word for it, take the word of Boris Johnson, PMQ Prime Minister on May 6, 2020, ‘It was annoying to see the difficulties we had in providing PPE to those in need.” , “Piers then listed other ministers who also admitted the shortage.

He added, “We didn’t have enough PPE, that’s why people wore binoculars and so many people died on the front lines, you refuse to admit when you made a mistake!

“We know we weren’t prepared without enough PPE, why don’t you admit it !?”

Matthew Hancock wearing suit and tie sitting in chair: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock

© AFP via Getty Images
UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Mr. Zahawi replied, “I just told you that we could only produce about one percent, one percent of our needs. Now we can produce 70 percent of our needs.”

Piers grew increasingly angry when Mr Zahawi refused to say there had been a shortage and dodged the question.

“It is completely unacceptable that he broke the law on his contracts, that he refused to apologize and that he claims there was no national shortage.”

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