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During the lockdown and still now, with the pandemic still ongoing although in containment, searches on Google for the phrase “flower delivery” have doubled: comparing the data from March 2019 to March 2020, the increase is evident. The reason? There is an intuitive one: the flowers they are not necessary but they certainly give joy, while stimulating the sight, the sense of smell (try to imagine being in a lavender field), the touch. The beautiful blooms, with their color (for example the shades of tulips), their smell and their symmetry, provide the brief comfort that we desperately seek. There is however also one scientific explanation, which an American researcher wanted to demonstrate with an experiment.

Full of Happiness bouquet from Colvin’s Summer Collection

Flowers are good: it’s scientific

In 2005, Professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones sent three different types of parcels – a candle, a fruit basket or a floral bouquet – to 147 different women. It was a thank you gift: all recipients had participated in one of his recent psychological studies. But in reality they were not gifts, they were variable. And the bellboys who carried them were not couriers, but psychologists, charged with analyzing the facial expressions of each recipient. Subsequently, studying the results in his laboratory, Haviland-Jones found that whoever received the flowers showed the “Duchenne smile” (that is, the genuine smile, whose physical characteristics indicate that the person is not lying) and he felt happier for longer than those who had a fruit basket or candles as a gift.

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Flower power

“We are all hungry for beauty and flowers are nature’s greatest spectacles. They are mood-toning and anti-stress, “says internationally renowned florist Lewis Miller who earned Banksy’s reputation for flowers with his” flower guerrilla “interventions, which continued in New York even during the coronavirus pandemic.

3 more reasons to always have flowers and plants at home

Given that flowers and plants are powerful natural antidepressants, here are three other reasons to always keep them at home, according to experts from Colvin, the network of online florists that delivers throughout Italy, and which has just launched its summer collection, composed of bouquets and plants.

1. They purify the air. According to a study on air purification carried out by NASA, it has been shown that plants purify the air we breathe and improve our health.

2. They increase psycho-physical well-being. We have already said this, but it is particularly true for some flowers that act as a cure-all for the mind. The aromatic lavender plant (found in Colvin’s Get Together bouquet) is rich in properties: it perfumes the air and calms the mind.

3. Stimulate creativity and concentration: having flowers at home is an excellent remedy for moments of low productivity. The scent of roses for example promotes concentration and attention span.

Colvin’s Get Together bouquet contains lavender: excellent for promoting concentration

The Italian Essence bouquet by Colvin

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