Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’ looks that are still in fashion

A dream wardrobe “not too flashy or too sexy”. Here are the best looks of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the film that came out 30 years. HERE and must-have accessories

The contemporary Cinderella is red with hair, has a beautiful smile and a dream wardrobe. Her name is “Viv” and she is taken away (by her Prince Charming) with a limousine. The film of Garry Marshall he is a cult and brought luck to the film couple Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

The plot is spiced with a series of outfits that make Vivian’s character unforgettable (Julia Roberts): not only will she find love at the end of the film but she will have a wardrobe that we still envy. Merit of the costume designer Marilyn Vance which expresses the journey of the protagonist Julia Roberts through fashion choices, between clothes and accessories. Every garment that the actress showed off on the set was designed and sewn specifically for the character: all except for the black one signed by Gucci (the piano scene).

No plot refresh, we are sure that many of you know every beat of the movie by heart. So we focused on look by Julia Roberts that we find current and we can very well copy now (or fetch from the closet).

In addition to the love story, the film revolves around to the evolution of Vivian’s styleas well as the clothes he buys and wears. One of the most iconic clothes in the history of cinema, the mini dress white and blue with a metal circle (the one worn with the famous patent leather boots), is in fact an object of embarrassment for the director of the elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel. So, Vivian to stay with Edward (Richard Gere) she is forced to change her look. As it will be suggested, shopping will have to be “not too flashy or too sexy“.

Below are the fashion garments and accessories to put on your wish list for spring summer 2020:

  • White shirt (of him) over the minidress, worn for shopping alongside Richard Gere

  • Petticoat to be worn as a slip dress

  • Polka dot dress worn for the polo game

  • Complete jacket plus short pants

  • Long red dress for the evening

  • “Loan” jewelry, you can opt for luxury rent

  • Hats for summer, chic touch for any event

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