Princess Charlotte won’t go back to school

While being able to do it, Princess Charlotte will not go back to school in June but will stay in lockdown with the Dukes of Cambridge and brothers George and Louis. The choice, it reveals The Sunday Times, would have been taken by Kate and William not only for security reasons but more to avoid creating unnecessary tensions in the family.

Princes William and George with Princess Charlotte visit Kate who just gave birth to Prince Louis at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, 23 April 2018.

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In fact, mom and dad thought it did not make sense to bring Charlotte back to school without George: as we had written, Thomas Battersea decided to reopen in June only for first and sixth year students. On the other hand, it would have been an unnecessary cruelty to allow Charlotte to go to school and see her friends while for the other two princes it would still have been days of isolation at Anmer Hall. Of course, this choice, while not having concrete implications in the lives of the people of the United Kingdom, will certainly have a significant impact on the perception of the risk of coronavirus related to children.

And who knows what the Royals’ decision does not lead to reviewing some policies on the opening of schools in the United Kingdom.

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