Princess Eugenia of York shows her scar on Instagram

A scar, legacy of an operation to correct scoliosis, along the back: the princess Eugenia of York she has never made it a mystery nor is she ashamed of it. On her wedding day she decided not to hide it by choosing an awedding dress by Peter Pilotto with a V-neckline on the back: a body positive message of acceptance and self-confidence.

Yesterday the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrea, reiterated the concept, posting another image of her scar on Instagram on the occasion of the International Day of awareness on scoliosis. A message of encouragement for those who, writes Eugenia, “have had an experience similar to mine”. And he continues: “we must be proud of our scars”.

The princess, cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William, is the godmother of some charities that help people with scoliosis, including the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital Appeal.

Peter Pilotto’s wedding dress with V-neck on the back

In the past, he spoke of the surgery he underwent as a teenager, posting an image of an X-ray on Instagram in 2018 showing the braces in his spine and neck. That same year, speaking on an English TV show, he said “I think we can change what is meant by beauty. We have to show our scars and defend them. “

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