Queen Elizabeth leaves London (not for fear of the coronavirus)

After postponing some commitments that would have seen her busy on a trip to Cheshire, the Queen Elizabeth (who has just reached a special record), reportedly from Buckingham Palace, left London for the castle of Windsor, in Berkshire. The decision has nothing to do with the coronavirus epidemic, real spokesmen explain. The sovereign, who on April 21 she turns 94, he simply decided to spend the weekend in the countryside.

The official press release, however, reads: “As a reasonable precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances, changes are being made to the queen’s agenda in the coming weeks”.

Real officials would still be ready, in a second step, to quarantine His Majesty and Prince Philip, 98 years old, in the castle of Sandringham, the residence of Norfolk, in case of worsening of the epidemic.

Even Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have canceled their next tour in Bosnia, Cyprus and Jordan, scheduled for March 17-25.

Meanwhile in Britain there is a debate between the group immunity decision announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the protests of doctors and scientists asking him to retrace his steps.

The queen with Kate Middleton

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