Queen Elizabeth, the green look chosen for the talk on TV

Queen Elizabeth II chooses a green dress, a three-strand pearl necklace and a turquoise brooch from her grandmother Queen Mary. Here the meaning of the look chosen for the extraordinary speech on TV

Maybe that dress could only be green. We know that the Queen Elizabeth II she has always preferred pastel shades, but her look has not been a sign of frivolity but a means to highlight the extraordinary speech message on TV, addressed to his British subjects. The dress he wore is green as hope and as the color of the lab coats of the healthcare professional, committed to the forefront in the treatment of Coronavirus patients.

Not only. The gaze falls on the jewels: for the occasion, the Sovereign chose a three-strand pearl necklace and a pair of matching earrings. The choker has owned it since 1952 or since it rose to the throne, thus giving a reassuring signal.

The real coded message comes from the pin, which is not usual to wear. No Flower Basket, Jardine Star or Bow brooch, Queen Elizabeth II sported a piece inherited from her grandmother, Queen Mary, received in turn as a gift for the wedding of 1893.

His Majesty is not used to show off this necklace in public, a turquoise surrounded by diamonds, the last time was 2014. And this indicates how particularly important the moment we are experiencing. Then we need to consider the meaning of the stone: the turquoise it is sacred in many cultures because it is associated with the benefits of healing.

Four minutes of speech and a look that comforts and instills courage, culminating in words full of hope “We’ll meet again“.

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