Raf Simons: the video of one of the most important fashion shows

Two months after the announcement of Raf Simons as Prada’s creative co-director, the focus on the designer is still very high and, all of a sudden, the archive video of one of the most important fashion shows of his career. The autumn winter 2001 2002 collection entitled Riot! Riot! Riot! is now available on YouTube.

A show that has determined a turning point in Raf Simons’ career, first of all because he scored the return of the creative to the catwalks after a sabbatical year started in March 2000, during which Simons taught at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In this period the designer has undergone street style influences boys at vintage Viennese markets, who used to wrap themselves in multi-layered outfits because of the cold. The styling of the collection, in fact, is in opposition to the extra slim silhouettes of the very first Raf Simons, with bomber jackets, oversized sweaters and cargo pants. L’industrial setting and the “da rave” soundtrack further emphasize the dystopian image of the show.

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