Reviewed: The 8 Best Summer Fashion Trends

Dramatic sleeves. Superimposed collars with embroidery. Tiny little bags, simply because. Colorful and clever jewelry that makes you smile. Right now, we’re all trying to find joy in things, and for me, it’s summer and the new batch of trends that comes with it.

Think about it: you basically have a new opportunity to choose your own adventure when it comes to dressing. Although I love experimenting with new styles, I mostly wear things I know I like that make me feel better, even if those things don’t vibrate well with my husband. Not that I need his approval by any means; I’m just amused by his vision of the seasonal trends that I like and him, well, hated. No hatred on her part will keep me from wearing what I want when I want, bBut since we could all laugh these days, I thought it was just appropriate to share my husband’s comment (it’s gold) on the eight summer trends in which I am totally mistaken.

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