Rizos Curls Review: Interview With Founder Julissa Prado

What are your tips for washing curls?

My favorite tip for wash curls is the 30/60/90 method. I have a video tutorial that helps demonstrate this, but this method is great for women and men who are still learning how much product to put in their hair and want to make sure they get the results they want. The idea is that during the styling process you gradually add product to your hair as it dries to make sure you don’t add too much product. Because once you do, there’s no turning back and your curls will be weighed down. You start by adding as little Refresh & Detangle Spray ($ 20) and Curl Defining Cream ($ 22) as possible, staying away from your roots. Then you start to dry with a diffuser. At 30% dry, you stop to analyze your results and only add more product to areas that might need it. If the area needs more moisture, you add a Refresh & Detangle spray. If it needs definition, you add Curl Cream. You then continue to blow-dry your hair. At 60% you stop, analyze and add only product if necessary, then again at 90% dry. I do this method at the start when I’m still learning how much to use because you sure don’t want to add too much product.

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