Roi Du Lac finalist in Who is on Next? 2020

He is one of the 12 finalists of Who is On Next? 2020, Roi Du Lac the brand designed by the creative Marco Kinloch Herbertson.

Created in 2018 together with Antea Brugnoni Alliata, it not only looks at clothing but also ranges in lifestyle and home decor. Starting from Marco’s hand-made drawings, each piece becomes unique and tells a story.

The creative told us about his finalist brand in Who is On Next? 2020:

What do you expect from this final? and what does the Who is on Next final represent for you?

It is an extraordinary opportunity for us to participate in Who is on Next ?: it is not just the prestige of following in the footsteps of important figures in the Italian stylistic scene but above all of sharing this complex path in search of style with talented creatives.

Can you tell us the meaning of your brand name?

Roi du Lac means king of the lake in French. This is the joking and ironic translation of my Scottish surname Kinloch. Roi Du Lac’s symbol has always been a crowned frog: it reminds us to keep our feet on the ground while pursuing important results.

What does being a designer mean to you?

I am very demanding aesthetically and designing my fabrics allows me to shape a small part of the world around me. However, it is a continuous research, every two or three months I feel the need to start from scratch!

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