Room fragrances and candles: the right perfume for every room

A house that smells good. And that, in these days more than ever, you want to use cozy retreat. Because the house has also become the workplace, the alternative gym, the restaurant where people went to dinner on Saturday evening.

So let’s not underestimate the power ofaromatherapy. Perfume it with fragrances that stimulate the senses and rebalance physical and emotional well-being it can be a way to help us live it better. And to live better. And then, let’s face it, the suggestion of air fresheners and the light of the candles is a cuddle that we deserve.

It is important, however, to know choose the essences carefully according to the rooms. In fact, each fragrance has a precise effect on our body: it can relax and calm us or, on the contrary, inject us with a good dose of energy.

This is the reason for this guide to room fragrances, divided between bedroom, entrance etc. The right fragrance for every space of the house, the right room air fresheners, the right candle.


Let’s start from the entrance. When you enter the house, you love being surrounded by a pleasant smell but, at the same time, not too intrusive. The ideal are diffusers with sticks – to be turned once a day – to perfumes Mediterranean, citrus and fresh. Remember that the size of the speaker must be adequate for the size of the room. To get an idea: for a room from 10 to 20 square meters you need 1 or two 500 ml diffusers.

Tuscan Creations, Convivio – Salvatore Ferragamo
An air freshener enclosed in a precious pack of solid black glass. The Tuscan Creations collection tells an authentic love story that has always linked the Maison to the Tuscan lands. The scents are of Italian citrus, sparkling notes of bergamot and grapefruit.

Pomegranate – Dr. Vranies
The lively notes of cassis meet the sweet notes of grapes and the fresh ones of watermelon to reproduce the taste of the pomegranate grain crushed between the teeth. This fragrance, with energizing properties, is ideal for evoking pleasant sensations.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin – Jo Malone
A fresh, tantalizing, engaging fragrance. Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme add an unexpected touch to the scent of lime carried by a Caribbean breeze. A modern classic.

Engergizing Spray – Simply Zen
A super sprint fragrance that envelops the senses with a mix of Mediterranean herbs and citrus fruits. Aromas of orange and grapefruit blend with that of litsea cubeba, known as the aroma of the smile to be reached by the base notes of sage, oregano, rosemary and patchouli.

Heather – Muniocandela
A brand of natural fragrances in recyclable packs. A room diffuser with heather flowers, intense and pleasant for a welcoming atmosphere full of ‘positive vibes’.


In the living area we prepare lunch and dinner, eat, watch TV, chat … The fragrances can range from the diffusers to the candles and the fragrances depend on the occasion. For a convivial, positive and lively atmosphere cloves, green leaves, jasmine, apple and orange blossom are perfect. If, on the other hand, the living area becomes gym or location of sessions yoga and of mindfullness, better to light a candle with notes of incense, rosewood, amber or ylang-ylang.

Dama XIX March candle – Tiziana Terenzi
Candela Dama is a real sculpture with a shiny effect, a jewel of the artisan tradition entirely handmade. The fragrance is a hymn to spring, with an intense and fresh fragrance of orange, cloves, green leaves, jasmine, lavender, cedar wood, mint, rosemary and vetiver.

Mint Candle – Mediterranean
Mediterranea candles are made with high quality paraffin wax and pure cotton wick. This contains the aromas of Mediterranean herbs: mint combines with the scent of cassis and thyme, revealing a heart of rosemary. The base notes release the sweetness of the fig and the rosewood.

Home Spa Seathalasso – Douglas
With their fresh fragrance, Seathalasso sticks create an atmosphere of well-being and give off a pure holiday feeling by bringing the sea into the house. The fresh and fruity apple combines with delicate lilies and spicy bergamot, a bouquet of lilac, jasmine and orange blossom in the heart of the composition. The fragrance ends with white musk and notes of warm cedar wood.

Hymne Désinvolte – & Other Stories
An ode to the gracefulness of clove buds, emphasized by the invigorating properties of eucalyptus. Apricot blossoms sway in a pleasant breeze, while agarwood and black amber complement each other. Indonesian sandalwood gives a twist of adventurous originality.

Mystic Amber – Depot
Depot fragrances are born from a thought, a memory, an evocation. They represent moments, journeys, experienced sensations. Mystic Amber with its amber, flowery and oriental notes where ylang-ylang and tonka flowers stand out, is ideal for yoga, meditation or even moments of deep relaxation.



In this area the mind must be concentrated. They range from perfumes coniferous he was born in labdanum reminiscent of those of the paper, up to the fresh notes of seaof salt and cedar that favor theoxygenation and the flow of thoughts. Even the fragrances purifying like eucalyptus and mint help to channel creative energy.

Bois Précieux – Rigaud
A warm and welcoming fragrance, ideal for the study environment or for a relaxation corner. You remember from Asia, wooden houses in the heart of an ancient city, hot spices that fly through the air. The unprecedented woody arrangement of patchouli and teak wood gives an exotic touch to the atmosphere.

Louis Feuillée – Le Couvent Des Minimes
A fragrance that delves into our collective memory to enhance the perfumes that emanate the pages of ancient books. Inspired by the Royal Library of Colbert and that of the Queen, the perfumers have created a fragrance in which the dry and resinous smell of cedar blends with the amber and barely hinted smell of labdanum, to evoke the softness of the paper. Just enough to make you want to indulge in the pleasure of reading.

Azad Kashmere – Locherber Milan
An essence with a warm and powdery scent. Ingredients such as ebony, vanilla, amber and sandalwood wrap and warm up in a safe and comfortable embrace, promoting relaxation and concentration.

With the sea in your heart – Acqua dell’Elba
A special edition whereby 50% of the proceeds from the sale are donated to a fundraiser to multiply the number of intensive care and resuscitation beds available in the island hospital. A good action while breathing in the sea air released by these now famous fragrances.

Cerina Candela – Claus Porto
Set in a porcelain vase with classical motifs of Portuguese architecture, when this candle is lit it creates suggestive play of light. The oceanic notes of salt and cedar melted with pepper, incense and Elemi evoke the powerful waves of the Atlantic.

© Sergio Ferreira


In the bathroom there are two main needs: the first is that of cover odors and keep a fresh scent – sprays or diffusers with resins, woods, myrrh and essences with antiseptic properties are perfect. The second, however, is to turn it into a small spa – even as a couple – perhaps by soaking in the tub. In this case, go ahead to the candles gourmand with voluptuous aromas of vanilla, coconut, rose, icing sugar. Even better, if it is a question of massage candles which then release a cream to hydrate the whole body.

Elixir n.9 – Anna Paghera
Precious resins, woods, myrrh, nard, aromatic calamus and essences with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. An ideal essence to eliminate smoke and cooking odors, to perfume wardrobes and rugs and to disinfect the bathroom air.

Imperial Rose – Villa Paradiso Cosmetics
A diffuser signed by one of the cult places of wellness, 100% in Italy and handmade. Imperial Rose is a fragrance that releases femininity, intoxicating, with a delicate pink color, which marries the top notes of the rose with the green and fresh petitgrain ones and with the intense and warm aroma of amber and sandalwood. Perfect for a voluptuous bath.

Sulmona – Coquillete Paris
It is at the same time room and body perfumer. So the same perfumer has an evolution … with its top, heart and base notes. A refined pack continues with an elegant and essential ceramic and gold foil wrapping. The set includes a vase and a gold atomizer. The fragrance? Delicious and tender, a cloud of icing sugar and almond reminiscent of confetti.

Creamy – Antos
A candle with an irresistible gourmand scent of hazelnut and vanilla, with blueberry and rose extracts. The surprise is in the double use: after a nice relaxing bath, the candle turns into a moisturizing and nourishing massage cream for the body.


Finally, we move to the room where the password is: rest. In the bedroom from the bed everything must predispose to total relaxation and a good sleep. For this, the essences to be preferred are based on lavender, rose, geranium. A little tip: half an hour before going to bed, spray a delicate fragrance on the pillow with the appropriate sprays … It will envelop you in your sleep!

Paris en Fleur – Diptique
A fragrance that pays homage to Paris and tells its life. Like the roses of the Bagatelle park, the roses of the flower market or those that lovers offer to their loved ones. In the scent that is released in the air, a gentle freshness, an infinity of petals and an enveloping memory of patchouli are felt.

© patrick parchet

Perfume Gun Rosa Rugosa – Frederic Malle
Rosa Rugosa recalls the dry, fresh and almost astringent scent of wild rose bushes that grow caressed by the wind on the ocean. Carlos Benaim is the creator of this ancestral rose perfume.

Cocon de Sèrénité – L’Occitane
For a moment of pure serenity: thanks to a blend of essential oils known for their relaxing properties, you are immersed in a universe perfumed with peace and quiet. Provence lavender combined with sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium promote deep relaxation.

Natural Wax Candle – Susanne Kaufmann
Susanne Kaufmann’s scented candles are handmade with a mixture of vegetable oils and natural waxes and last about 50 hours. This incense has excellent calming and relaxing properties.

© eShot AG

Bahamas – Ava & May
Bahamas brings summer into the house, smells like sunscreen and brings to mind dream beaches and paradisiacal islands. The perfume notes are vanilla, coconut and monoi, the sacred flower of vahiné, Tahitian women, and a symbol of beauty.

Tranquility Spray – Comfort Zone
A room spray with delicate and enveloping notes of vanilla, rose, cedar wood. The Comfort Zone Tranquility line is based on the principles of aromatherapy and has been specifically designed to promote deep relaxation and good restful sleep.

Shades of Dalia – The Erbolario
The Dahlia tells of adventurous journeys, explorations, exotic places. National flower of Mexico, it represents respect, compassion, dignity and elegance This delicate essence for furnishing fabrics and cushions should be sprayed about half an hour before going to sleep to recreate a relaxing and propitious atmosphere for sleep .

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