Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Favorite Beauty Products

“The biggest eye-opener for me was researching and learning about the pore-clogging ingredients and then eradicating all the products I had with them from my routine: basically anything that touches my face, skin care, makeup and hair care to laundry detergents. really helped manage my skin, “the supermodel explains. Of course, non-comedogenic products are only part of the answer, and Huntington- Whiteley says that an easy (and free) way to improve your skin as well is to drink plenty of water – she drinks up to three liters a day.

Although her career has offered her a series of opportunities, Huntington-Whiteley is also very aware of the toxicity of the industry. “I can see a lot of what people have to say about personal pictures of me that are in the world, like Oh my god she has wrinkles! And it’s like, well, yeah, everybody has wrinkles and skin texture and spots, “she said.” I feel like we’re so conditioned to believe that a wrinkle is. considered something bad or shocking, and I really feel this mentality “It’s something that Huntington-Whiteley has to constantly work on, but deep down she really believes that getting older is a privilege and that everyone should be there. ‘adopt in all directions.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do: embrace aging with the help of Huntington-Whiteley’s line of must-have skin, makeup and hair products. Keep scrolling to see all of her choices.

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