Royal College of Art: the Zoom Party

The Royal College of Art wants to face quarantine by making us all dance with one Zoom Party organized by the students of the fashion Masters. In fact, four guests created a special playlist that will be shared on Spotify one hour before the event to be held at 8:00 pm of the 3rd April. The goal of the event, in addition to celebrating and being a little distracted in this sad and difficult moment, is to take advantage of the Zoom feature that allows you to create backgrounds to use during the video call. Everyone can therefore express their creativity through the creation of backgrounds that can be an expression to show their work, a performance or simply themselves.

The four guests of the evening of Royal College of Art who created the playlist are Harris Elliott, House of Flora, Matthew Miller and RCA Collective. The idea is to make this event an appointment that will be held every two weeks, always involving new guests.

Through Zoom (you will need to download the app first) it will be possible to participate, by entering the MEETING ID: 5183239872

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