Sadie Sink Interview: The ‘Stranger Things’ Star on the Power of

Photography courtesy of Givenchy Beauty

“I’m a person who likes to plan and anticipate. I normally like to know what I’m doing months or years in advance, but COVID has taught me to take things day to day.”

Sadie Sink started her career as a child actress – although you never know it. Sleek and refined, and with the composure of a Hollywood veteran with decades of experience under her belt, the 18-year-old actress is best known for her role as Max in the Netflix hit (to put it mildly, it’s the least we can say ), Strange things. But she started her Broadway career, as the leader of the 2013 revival of Annie. From there, she appeared opposite Helen Mirren in the Tony nominated play. The audience in 2017 before joining the cast of Strange things.

Today, the actress adds a new title to her CV: spokesperson for the luxury makeup brand. We sat down with Sink over Zoom to discuss her new role as the face of Givenchy Beauty’s Le Rouge Deep Velvet lipsticks, her newfound appreciation for experimenting with makeup, what she did during the 40s and what she loved growing up at the time. social media.

Photography courtesy of Givenchy Beauty

On taking a more experimental approach to makeup

“As I got older, I became more comfortable experimenting with different makeup trends and having more daring looks. Makeup was something that had to grow on me; I never really cared about this at a very young age. It wasn’t until I started doing makeup for press events that I started to take an interest in it. Makeup was something that intimidated me at first, but as I got ready for more and more red carpets, did more and more press events and photoshoots, I learned a lot. more about the world of beauty and I fell in love with her art. Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself, but now we are entering this new era where makeup and beauty are another way people can really express themselves. I’m really happy to dive my toes even more in the future.

On the role of beauty in the age of social media

“I have a lot of friends who watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and at one point I watched some too, and tried to follow through and failed horribly. It’s really interesting how social media and the beauty world come together and you have so many inspirations on [platforms like] YouTube and Instagram. Personally, I don’t use social media a lot, so I like to take inspiration from the people I meet in the real world. But it’s really amazing how far the beauty world has come in terms of relating to social media and all the resources available to people.

Sadie sinks x Givenchy
Photography courtesy of Givenchy Beauty

On Newly Acquired Quarantine Recreation

“I started journaling every day during my quarantine and have continued now that I’m back to work. I am a person who likes to plan and anticipate. I normally like to know what I’m doing months or years in advance, but COVID taught me to take things day to day and taught me that nothing is certain, so that was a good lesson to learn.

On his dream travel destination after COVID

“There are so many on my list. I don’t think I would go back to a city I have been to before. I always wanted to go to Amsterdam. Or maybe Greece. I watched a lot of Mamma mia. “

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