Salvatore Vignola autumn winter 2020 2021 collection

There autumn winter 2020 2021 collection by Salvatore Vignola invites to purify the souls who, in this period, as perhaps never before, really need a powerful inner rehabilitation. The title that the designer has chosen for the creations of the next winter season is How the Snow Cleans, to metaphorically recall that feeling of renewal and cleanliness that snow usually brings. Although Vignola speaks of it as a gloomy collection – perhaps from the creative point of view it could be so, also given the fabulous-marine inspiration of the previous one – the proposals draw a strong and brilliant woman, fully capable of affirming herself with a femininity that acquires strength from the synergistic union with the male world, affirming, stylistically, a feminism made of collaboration. The classic elements of male aesthetics become in fact a reworking of a collection that makes sensuality a usual strength, through nine looks designed to be totally interchangeable so as to create infinite possibilities.

To reassure the soul Salvatore Vignola instills strength in his clothes fromattitude business: the suits are in fact monochromatic and authoritative in their inspiration, but declined in order to always be very feminine. So black nylon shirts with flared sleeves are combined with mini skirts that are welt with flap pockets, a typical detail of the male blazer, decorate with refinement. Even the long dress in cool gray wool, typical of an office formality, is characterized by a series of elements of the complete classic, such as reinforced straps and, again the pockets with flap, but it becomes very sensual thanks to the double dizzying slits, closable with invisible zips. The sheath dress is reinterpreted keeping this concept, through a structure bustier with thin straps that end with pronounced and visible straps. The suit becomes oversized with a box jacket and hidden buttons combined with a midi skirt, almost a modern reinterpretation of a 1940s look; or even a proposal closer to streetwear with a cropped jacket, the central part of which seems to be torn and then continues like a overskirt on wide trousers. The cropped cut is also proposed for a mini duvet that becomes a sort of modern bolero, in contrast with an oversized, long and austere black overcoat. In this elegant gray scale, the wedding dress by Salvatore Vignola which closes the autumn winter 2020 2021 collection with a message of hope “everything will be all right”, which ideally decorates its essential and candid simplicity.

This collection, with which he won at the Fashion Hub Market for the Italian section by decision of National Chamber of Italian Fashion (CNMI) e Buyer roomsees renewed the collaboration with Ilariusss for hats and introduces the one with New Rock Italia for maxi sneakers.

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