Samsung AirDresser, the walk-in closet that sanitizes clothes

From 2 to 5 April, Samsung Electronics’ revolutionary design wardrobe arrives on Westwing

Form and functionality represent innovation. And this time, Samsung Electronics is aiming for change the concept of walk-in closet, no longer a place to store clothes and accessories.

Samsung AirDresser uses sophisticated technology that combines air and steam to eliminate creases, unpleasant odors, dust and germs. A smart wardrobe that takes care of the clothes, thus avoiding too frequent washing and aggressive detergents that wear clothes, as well as the waste of water.

The function Jet Air releases powerful air flows from above and below for eliminate dust, smog and surface dirt from clothes, while the deodorant filter removes up to 99% of the odors caused by tobacco, sweat, food and dry cleaning. Jet Steam, instead, sanitizes garments by eliminating mites, viruses and bacteria through powerful jets of steam that penetrate deep into the tissues. Technology Heat pump it allows to dry the fabrics at low temperatures, minimizing heat damage and shrinkage risk, while the Anti-crease treatment uses a combination of steam and air for stretch the fabrics without the need for an iron.

Lastly, to ensure maximum hygiene, AirDresserTM is equipped with technology Self Clean which dehumidifies, sanitizes and deodorizes the interior of the cabin with a combination of air, steam and heat, without the use of aggressive detergents.

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