Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India

Saree Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion

Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India

Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India. One of the very important basic requirements of a person is his clothing. It can serve both as protection from the environment and also as an identity. Depending upon the seasons and day to day weather, the choice of clothing of an individual can vary.

  • The elements or features of the clothing also play a significant role in deciding its purpose. For example, people prefer dark and light coloured clothing in winters and summers respectively. Due to the proven fact that dark colours can attract more heat from the environment.
  • The clothing can also help in forming an individual’s identity, such as wearing a uniform, cultural or ceremonial garb, or something unique and meaningful to that individual.
  • In a country like Indian, which has a diverse set of cultures, the customs followed by people vary across the length and breadth of the country.

Saree is the traditional dress for Indian women irrespective of caste, creed and culture. Kurta-Pyjama is one of the most common traditional dresses for Indian men. Even after centuries, people of India still prefer to follow their traditions and customs when it comes to clothing.



Saree is one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world. It is an unstitched garment which has become a sensuous and an all-time-wear for Indian women. It is a piece of cloth between 6-9 meters and has great cultural significance.

  • A woman in India looks the most beautiful when she is in saree. Wearing a saree and the ability to manage it is an art.
  • The saree shown in the picture having a lemon-yellow colour is a graceful one that covers the women’s entire body. The pallu, which is the end piece of the saree looks plain lemon-yellow in colour with horizontal green stripes at the end.

  • A combination of white blouse gives an attractive look to the lady. The pleats that are folded from the body of saree, running down from the middle have large vertical green stripes adding to the beauty of the saree.

A lady looks more gorgeous and dazzling when she wears the saree in such a fashion where she screens her waistline. The women in a saree show some of the genuine curves in a dignified way.



It is one of the basic clothing of Indian men, consisting of two pieces of garments namely Kurta and Pyjama. Kurta is similar to a shirt but is a little longer and extends till the knee.


  • Pyjama is a pair of loose and lightweight drawstring trouser. It is worn by Indian men mostly on formal occasions and can also be worn casually.
  • The lemon-yellow kurta with a white pyjama seen in the pic is a perfect combination of colours that gives it an eye-catching look. The thin green stripes on the left, running down the length of Kurta, adds a stylish look to it.

Pyjama being lightweight, one feels very comfortable wearing it anytime. The most commonly used material for making kurta-pyjama is cotton. In order to have a dignified look, adults prefer kurta and pyjama in neutral shades whereas children prefer varied hues and patterns.

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