Second Dresses for Bridesmaids Is the Next Wedding Trend

Our EIC Kat Collings even replied, “When Michelle told me about the new trend of giving bridesmaids the chance to wear a second look, I was quietly alarmed. In my mind, being a bridesmaid is already a bit demanding, and having to think of another dress (even though I already own it) and packing seems like an added stress. I know it would probably be optional, but I wouldn’t want to be the only one left in the bridesmaid dress when everyone else has moved on to cooler looks. At the heart of the debate, however, is this one fact: People don’t like to wear bridesmaid dresses. I bet if you could wear a bridesmaid dress that you felt really beautiful and unique in, no one would want a second look! I can see her point, but for me, the thought of putting on a dress that I’m really passionate about after all the bridesmaid chores are done for the night makes me so happy. Read on to shop for the dresses I’m considering for my next second wedding look.

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