Seven hashtags to follow now

Last week, social media users from around the world joined in a collective effort in the #iorestoacasa movement (in all languages) to stop the spread of Covid-19, which now collects more than 1,339,797 posts only on Instagram (of course the data is constantly updated). Moreover, during self-isolation, hashtags offer a very direct way to interact with a virtual community that is experiencing the same things.

Whether you are looking for some ideas to train at home, you want to relieve stress with an hour of dance marathon or you are simply looking for a window into someone else’s world, here is our journey through the hashtags to stay connected.

1. #iorestoacasa / #yomequedoencasa

Thanks to a powerful campaign led by Italy and Spain, the hashtags (in all languages) #iorestoacasa and #yomequedoencasa have managed to spread all over the world and to become a sort of collective health movement. If you feel the need to remember why it is so vital that we all stick together in our homes to curb the spread of Covid-19, online moral support is just a click away.

2. #dancersofinstagram

Have you planned a home dance marathon? Or are you now only dedicated to TikTok? If you need an update on Say So by Doja Cat – the viral and catchphrase choreography of January created by user Haley Sharpe in whose challenge more than 16.8 million people took part – here is a good source. From classical dance to the best dancers (including Pat Boguslawski), we suggest room dancing as an instant method to improve your mood

3. #plantsmakemehappy #plantsplantsplants

If you live in the city, there is a chance that you won’t see much nature for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t virtually tap into its calming properties. Channel the relaxing effects of greener scenarios and learn how to grow your seeds from a global community of plant lovers.

4. #viewfrommywindow

From the skyline of central New York, to the sight of a courtyard in Paris, if you need to take a minute’s break, #viewfrommywindow could help. At the same time, you never know – you could also post your “panoramic view” yes, the one you take for granted every morning and that could cheer up the day for someone, somewhere.

5. #athomeworkouts

Right now, there are more than 485,000 DIY workouts online only on Instagram ready to motivate you during that mid-afternoon sleepiness. Leave your habits behind and try something new and completely free – from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to empowerment – your next 20 minutes of cardio fitness could forge a new exercise program for life.

6. #meettheworld

For many, self-isolation also has to do with self-reflection, especially when it comes to understanding the environmental impact of frequent international travel. If traveling is not safe at the moment, there is nothing stopping you from creating a list of #responsibletravel destinations for when the world is open again. From escapes to the countryside by train, to sustainable hotels that will need help, #meettheworld is a good starting point for planning your contribution.

7. #vogueathome

Last but not least – from the series “beauty will save the world” – on the Instagram profile of Vogue Italia #vogueathome, every day a photograph from our archives to keep you company with an iconic image. In summary Stay home with Vogue Italia ?

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