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The lockdown also puts a strain on your hair. The solution? DIY but simple hair masks. On the other hand, you can’t go to the hair stylist, be pampered with an energizing shampoo, tick the fringe or the lengths, cover the regrowth.

The R + Co brand. suggests some easy hair-tips. Recommend, after massaging the conditioner, to wrap the hair in a warm cloth and relax. It will be the heat that allows the nutrients to penetrate deeply. For those who want an SOS, the pre-shampoo treatment in mousse, to be applied on dampened lengths and to be left in place throughout the day, it will be a cure-all. Finally, at night, one anti-aging mask, applied on dry hair during sleep, it will counteract the signs of aging.

Those who want to experiment in the kitchen can literally “cook” simple and effective DIY hair masks, with the ingredients they have fridge and in the belief.

Detox pack

Created by the online site team uala, is designed for those who want bright hair. It takes 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 3 tablespoons of the oil that is preferred between argan, almonds and avocado, to be stirred until the compound is homogeneous. Caffeine is able to improve oxygenation and tone the blood vessels of the scalp and, in particular, of the hair bulbs. But coffee is also a great reserve of caffeic acid, trigonelline and chlorogenic acid, all excellent antioxidants. To be left on for 30 minutes before rinsing. Who suffers from dandruff instead, he can vigorously massage the skin with coffee grounds, combined with three tablespoons of sugar for five minutes before rinsing.

Super soft hair

The recipe for Treatwell it is antioxidant, designed for those who love to have flawless hair during video calls with colleagues and virtual aperitifs with friends. L’olive oil, which moisturizes hair and fragile hair, can be mixed withvinegar for immediate brilliance and brightness. One shot of beauty to be applied on damp hair and to be left on for 20 minutes. Those who suffer from itching or irritation of the scalp, will have to prefer the vinegar of apple cider, more delicate than that of wine.

Grandma’s remedy for weakened hair

An ancient but super effective recipe. They want us a spoonful of olive oil, a spoonful of honey and an egg yolk. For the most avant-garde, yes, even halfway avocado, to make the dough not only denser but also more nutritious. Those who want to grow them faster, taking advantage of this quarantine, will be able to use themustard oil on the root to stimulate blood circulation.

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