Simple hairstyles: the banana bun

Simple hairstyles: the banana bun

The low chignon it is often the choice of those who focus on simple hairstyles, because they are easy and quick to make, and because they are suitable at any time of the day. More pulled on the nape, or left soft, is the version of Hair collected which requires minimal effort and always ensures a sophisticated result. How to give even more style to this look?

If the most classic of hairstyle is likely to be too monotonous and the bun with donut overly set, here is the Banana Bun: the solution effortless chic to try. It is inspired by French Twist, the banana harvest, but in a low and tousled variant. While recalling the classic bun, the Banana Bun is more messy, soft, rolled up and knotted on itself, with extra movements that make it a crop with even more personality. It takes very little to transform even simple hairstyles. Here are all the steps to make it:

Simple hairstyles: the banana bun
Simple hairstyles: the banana bun
  1. 1

    To make the Banana Bun, start from washed hair for a couple of days, which have the ideal texture for crops

  2. 2

    Part your hair in three large locks, tying the central low one with an elastic band

  3. 3

    Roll up the lock right above the central one, fixing the upper part with bobby pins

  4. 4

    Now wrap it up left strand under the already formed lock

  5. 5

    Collect the lengths under the nape and stop them with hairpins

  6. 6

    For an even more look messy, keep the locks soft while you work them, leave the front ones free and, if you prefer, also the tips, without hiding them under the neck.

Below you find 10 inspirations from Instagram for easy hairstyles and the Banana Bun in all its versions.

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