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Binge-watching is tinged with nostalgic shades thanks to Sky Atlantic Marathons (channel 111), the pop up channel which from April 17 to 30, it re-proposes cult TV series for a total immersion in the jewels of the last decade. What is it about? The titles – mostly available both on demand and on NOW TV – are now condensed all together with a very dense programming that starts with kidding, the return in great dusting of Jim Carrey on the small screen.

The titles could not be more varied and range from Band of Brothers and The Pacific (blockbuster produced by Steven Spielberg e Tom Hanks on the Second World War) a Watchmen (taken from the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and starring Jeremy Irons and Regina King). Politics has never been so sordid as in House of Cards (April 25-27), with Kevin Spacey at the height of power before the muddy sex scandal. Or so acute, as in the animated series Our Cartoon President, a sneak peek into Donald Trump’s days at the Oval Office.

And what about women in power? Dame Helen Mirren takes center stage with Catherine the Great, one of the most ambitious TV productions in recent years. Speaking of high-sounding names from the Hollywood Olympus, here is another divinity born on the small screen (with E.R.) and then returned to serial production as a producer, George Clooney than in Catch-22 shows all the surreality of a conflict.

From the Action Warrior written by Bruce Lee a Trust, about the Getty kidnapping, passing through the British The race, Save me and The last panthers and for the Germansi Das Boot is 8 days to go (speaking of various apocalypses), one arrives – always carrying the rifles – to Generation Kill with Alexander Skarsgard. There is no shortage of historical dramas, such as Rome with Kevin McKidd, now “adopted” by Grey’s Anatomy. And not only…

1992 & co.

On the made in Italy front, Sky proposes the three seasons dedicated to the history of the Peninsula, from an idea of Stefano Accorsii.e. 1992, 1993 and 1994 (April 18 and 19). In short, a trilogy to relive the Clean Hands era and the period that marked the transition from the First to the Second Republic through the private and public events of the protagonists of the political scene. With a splendid Miriam Leone, waiting to see her in Eva Kant’s Diabolik onesie.

True Detective

The three seasons of the high Oscar-winning crime (April 23 and 24) bring us back to one of the most authorial atmospheres of the serial production of recent times. The anthological series by Nic Pizzolatto has seen alternating high-sounding names, from Matthew McConaughey to Colin Farrell to Mahershala Ali to investigate the dark side of the human soul.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective

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Colin Farrell in True Detective


City on a Hill

A legal adrenaline drama for the return on TV of Kevin Bacon: City on a hill delves into the murky of American justice to show that light and shadow are not that far apart. The story, for those who have not yet seen it, revolves around a strange couple formed by a corrupt ex-FBI agent and an assistant district attorney on the trail of a gang that risks causing the judiciary to creak.

Kevin Bacon in City on a Hill

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Finally, here it is Succession, April 28, one of the most acclaimed series of our day. This family drama produced by Will Ferrell investigates the domestic dynamics of a powerful media tycoon. To scale success, he says, you have to know how to get your hands dirty. With a splendid Brian Cox, as the protagonist Logan Roy, anything can really happen.

Here is the complete calendar

April 17
kidding (from 06:45)
1992 (from 13.00)

April 18
1992 (from 06:10)
1993 (from 15:30)
1994 (from 23:15)

April 19
1994 (from 15:45)
City on a Hill (from 11.15pm)

April 20
Catherine the Great (from 09:10)
Band of Brothers (from 13:00)
The Pacific (from 23.20)

April 21
Das Boot (from 09:00)
Catch-22 (from 18.00)
8 days to go (from 22.50)

April 22
Generation Kill (from 06:10)
Warrior (from 14:15)
Watchmen (from 23:00)

April 23
The Race – Deadly Race (from 08:30)
True Detective S.1 (from 15:10)
True Detective S.2(from 23:15)

April 24
True Detective S.3 (from 11:45)

25 April
Our Cartoon President (from 06:00)
House of Cards S.1 (from 11:00)
House of Cards S.2 (from 23:00)

April 26th
House of Cards S.3 (from 11:00)
House of Cards S.4 (from 23:10)

April 27
House of Cards S.5 (from 11:10)
House of Cards S.6 (from 23: 35x)

April 28
The Last Panthers (from 07:40)
Succession S.1 (from 13.10)
Succession S.2 (from 23.25)

April 29
Trust (from 13:35)
Rome S.1 (from 23.05)

April 30
Rome S.2 (from 13:25)
Save Me (from 11.55 pm)

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