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Never heard of the trend “escargot beauty“? Refers to a active not exactly tempting, but very powerful: the snail drool. If we told you that the likes of Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow you are willing to trust us and convince yourself that the snail slime should be immediately inserted into yours skincare routine? Word to the experts, to evaluate all their properties.

For very dry or acne-prone skin (but also as anti-wrinkle)

As he points out Silvia Bianco, beautician of White Cardamom Studio, “Snail drool is rich in allantoin, elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, in addition to containing a portion of glycolic acid. Among his first virtues, the ability to heal quickly, so much so that we recommend it in case of skins acne, which in the presence of skins secchissime with a tendency to crack. The share of the magical trio elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, combined with its naturally aqueous base, makes it a excellent anti-aging ingredient “.

Why exactly the snail slime?

As the experts of the gods explain research laboratories Matt, “The snail animal does not report skin lesions, although in order to move it is forced to crawl directly with the skin on even very rough surfaces. Starting from this fact, the researchers wondered if the sprotective and regenerating substances that cover the snail’s body could also be helpful for human skin, from which the study of this substance. It is a secretion that concentrates a precious pool of proteins, minerals and antioxidants. Applied in cosmetics, the snail slime becomes an elixir of long hydration, as well as a unique ingredient that cannot be replicated in the laboratory “. Good news, important to us: “The animal welfare associations have no objections to the use of the snail secretion because it is obtained from live snails that are not harmed during the collection process (procedure cruelty free) “.

How to, how to use it correctly?

White explains: “Think about that in different Asian countries there are facials that provide immediately after the microneedling, the use of live snails, which are left to slide on the moist skin of the face, secreting their precious liquid, which is then massaged by the facialist». Too much hardcore? Fortunately, there are many cosmetic companies that use this active ingredient, particularly suitable for cream and face serum, but also for hand use. In general, the use of a treatment is recommended skincare with snail slime after exfoliation important, such as acid-based peels. The reason is simple: snail slime manages to soothe stressed skin, reporting a good degree of hydration. In a anti-aging routine is perfect if combined with more pasty creams, rich in butters and natural oils, which are missing from the snail slime. “According to the experts of the Matt laboratories, moreover,” It is an excellent remedy also in case of stretch marks and stains of the skin”.

Here 8 snail slime products to try

Regenerating Pure Snail Burr Mask from Matt’s Age Activ line

Golden Snail Intensive Cream by Skin79

Cupra Wax Snail Concentrate Serum

Snail 80 Intensive Repairing Serum by Mizon

Organic Snail Gel Cream by Dr. Organic

Bio Snail anti-aging face cream

Snail Regenerating Facial Mask by Beauty Formulas

Snail Burr Moisturizing Face Cream from Naturaverde Bio

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