Sneakers 2020: as Katharine Hepburn wore them

The 2020 sneakers trends were anticipated in the 80s by Katherine Hepburn

That Katharine Hepburn has always done what he wanted in his personal life is no secret. And it’s not a secret that the actress never bowed to the dictates of the Hollywood industry, especially if it was about fashion. His sports and casual clothing it never conformed to the ideal of glamor suited to an actress of her level. Not that he had many opportunities to show off his style: he almost always avoided taking part in public events. He never walked the red carpet, and did not even participate in the Oscar ceremonies to collect prizes like Best Leading Actress. Yes, plural prizes, because Katherine Hepburn it has outperformed other candidate actresses four times (and, to this day, its record remains unbeaten).

The American actress, originally from Connecticut, never submitted to trends, nor did she conform to the rules of fashion. And even in doing so, or rather, precisely for this reason, it has always represented a model of emancipation for every woman. It was one of the first that dared wear pants in the thirties, and his wide jackets have become part of the history of cinema and fashion. Furthermore, even if sometimes it goes unnoticed, there is an element that repeats itself continuously in its looks, especially since it started playing tennis in the 40s: le sneakers. He wore pairs of each brand, from Adidas to Nike. Usually, they appear so worn out in photographs that they are supposed to Katharine Hepburn has always led a healthy lifestyle (e sustainable). A forgotten gesture today is to buy something only when you need it, and not when you want it.

In one of his photos, the greatest female performer in Hollywood history, title that was conferred on it byAmerican Film Institute, wear a black turtleneck, khaki cotton pants (of course!), and a pair of sneakers so used to look vintage. It’s about the model Nike Internationalist, created in 1982 for marathons and appeared in public for the first time that same year in the New York marathon. Sitting in an armchair where a raincoat was resting at the same time, Katharine wrote her memories of the filming of The Queen of Africa, a film shot with Humphrey Bogart is Lauren Bacall in 1951. The book The Making of the African Queen: Or How I went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost my Mind, was published in September 1987, just nine months after taking this photograph. An 80-year-old Katharine was once again an anticipator of trends, namely that of sneakers worn off the sports field and transformed into a fashion accessory. A trend that, with its ups and downs, has imposed itself as such from season to season, from the 80s to the present day. And although the latest fall winter 2020 2021 collections show a change of course (with flat and comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats or military boots that replace sneakers), there is no company, luxury or otherwise, that renounces their comfort.

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