Sneakers trends 2020: models for training at home

The 2020 sneakers trends present technical models and excellent performances to train at home in total safety

With the advent of the street fashion and urban aesthetics, the sneakers have become one of the most enduring and popular trends of recent years, making their appearance on the catwalk and in the collections of brands such as Balenciaga is Louis Vuitton. If on the one hand we find the slope dedicated to fashion sneaker, the shoe that of the sneakers borrows the aspect but not the sporting end, on the other there is the ultra technical and professional world of training sneakers, made with specific and functional materials and technologieswork out.

It is often thought that this accessory is only used when you go to the gym or do physical activity outdoors, while for thedaily workout at home soft socks are preferred if not bare feet. In fact, the great value of these sneakers is to be created on purpose to encourage and guide body movements during sports, cushioning shocks, keeping foot and ankle stable, evenly distributing weight and effort thanks to the sole and midsole technologies, which prevent you from putting too much strain on your back and risk injuring yourself.

For this reason it is essential to resort to technical sneakers even when you are there train from home. They are perfect for aerobic training, for high intensity HIIT circuits, or, if you have some particular equipment, they are also excellent for making exercise bikes and steps. Obviously, doing gymnastics (especially at home) does not mean having to give up style: the various brands have in fact specialized in creating shoes that respect the needs of athletes and sportsmen, while reflecting the fashion trend of the season. The sneakers trends 2020 therefore they come with a great variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes, and here is a selection to help you find the most suitable model for you.

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