Soko in Gucci in the new Gia Coppola video

Soko in Gucci total look in the new music video Are You A Magician? directed by Gia Coppola

My goal was to look like some sort of Victorian Gothic princess who listens a little too much to Kate Bush“He says Soko talking about the video of his new single – Are You A Magician? – which anticipates the 12-track album due out on June 12th. The video, directed by Gia Coppola, sees the French singer-songwriter and actress from Bordeaux spend her days alone at home – dressed in the wonderful creations made by Alessandro Michele for Gucci – until the idea of ​​creating a companion doll is achieved thanks to remnants of cut fabrics, a couple of buttons and a wool padding. It will then be a spell, made by Soko herself, to give human dimensions to the rag doll, thus transforming it into the ideal companion with which to share every day. Alluding toidea of ​​the perfect relationship, Soko tells through notes and images the common error of giving their feelings to someone you barely know and, of course, of the disappointment that derives from them when you face the stark reality. Behind the making of this romantic and poetic imagery there is the director Gia Coppola, who said about the video: “Soko is a great inspiration! Collaborating with her was a lot of fun. There were also two of my friends on the set: Alexis Zabe, fantastic director of photography who taught me a couple of old school tricks with lights, and Natalie Ziering, set designer who created the life-size doll and let us film in his home. I loved the idea of ​​the world of dolls“.

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