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As you imagine one French Riviera girl? Lancaster, an expert brand of sunlight for over 70 years, like Marie Ange Casta, born in 1990. And indeed with her golden skin and her bewitching smile, her sunny and radiant beauty, Laetitia’s younger sister is perfect. And in fact it is his the face of the new Sun 2020 campaign of solar Lancasters.

A campaign that sees the Lancaster Girl choose the French Riviera as a holiday destination. A boat trip under a radiant sky, a picnic on the sand and a dip in a cove with turquoise waters precede an evening spent playing and laughing in the narrow alleys of the old city with its heat-soaked stones. He lives following the rhythm of the sun, with the help of the whole line of Lancaster sunscreen, which ensures optimal protection and a truly pleasant use for all the time spent in the sun.

Strengthened by its countless innovative goals in the Sun protection, the only goal of Lancaster Research is the development of increasingly pleasant, sensorial and performing formulas, specifically aimed at counteracting the damage induced by all types of light rays – solar, UVB and UVA, Visible and Infrared Light – offering maximum protection with an exclusive technological innovation: the Full Light Technology.

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