Spring summer 2020 fashion: must-have garments and accessories

For spring summer 2020 fashion, there are some garments and accessories that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

The arrival of the beautiful season brings with it a desire for renewal and color. Shades that are too dark to light up are abandoned pastel shades and bright colorsclothes and accessories are enriched with prints and details, and the materials become lighter and more delicate. At the same time, the many trends and the wide variety of choices proposed by the designers makes it difficult to carefully select those fundamental elements that must not be missing in our wardrobe. Here is one shopping guide of the essential items for the spring summer 2020 fashion.


Miranda Priestley did not seem to appreciate spring floral arrangements The devil wears Prada, but at the same time one must not deny the pleasure of a splendid person floral dress, especially when the good weather blooms. Roses, daisies, lilies, decorate with their petals dresses with a romantic and feminine aesthetic, perfect to wear during the day with flat shoes and with one denim jacket, and gorgeous for the evening with a heel slingback and an elegant one shoulder bag. Versatile, practical and bohemian, the floral dresses they are a classic of women’s clothing, and even for 2020 the designers offer them with trendy cuts and prints.

Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini

Seventy Venice



slingback is slippers they are the most practical shoes to wear in spring. On the one hand, the slipper it is excellent to be used during the day: without heel, with soft upper, they have a fresh, dynamic and casual allure at the same time. They can be worn under dresses, skirts, with jeans or cropped trousers, always resulting impeccable. For the evening the alternative has a slight heel, and falls back on slingback, an open shoe behind and with a very refined design strap that slims the legs, ideal to combine with a sheath dress or elegant trousers.


The cropped trousers entered the 2020 trends thanks to celebrities, and in particular to Katie Holmes, which sported them in total black version. More creative option than usual jeans and more glamorous than a simple straight trousers, the cropped models are high at the waist and cut at the ankle, making the silhouette more slender and sinuous. They are splendid if combined with crop tops, short cardigans, or even bodysuits, but you can also veer towards oversize, choosing light, loose cardigans. As footwear, they are obviously perfect with slippers and slingbacks.


When it comes to tops, there is one keyword to always keep in mind: White. White shirts, t shirts, blouses or knitwear are garments that every woman should have, because they are very simple to match, they go well with any complexion, and are always chic. For the day, a simple one White T-shirt it can be combined with a patterned cropped trousers and a denim jacket, while for the evening you can choose a voluminous blouse with long sleeves, to be combined with plain-colored trousers. If the color remains basic, maximum freedom in design, give her puffed sleeves curled necklines, find the model that best suits your needs.


The denim jacket it is the classic garment that expects a whole year to wear. His casual and slightly nostalgic aesthetic of the 80s made generations and generations who chose him like him fall in love chief passe-partout of spring, wearing it with every outfit. Just like jeans, too denim jacket it has excellent versatility, and fits well on long and short dresses, skirts, trousers, and also with athleisure outfits to give a slightly street touch. In short, it cannot be missed.


The shoulder bags have the advantage of combining style and functionality. Medium sized, neither too large nor too small, are designed to contain everything you need without being uncomfortable or heavy, and above all they are not limited to a particular time. For work, for professional commitments, for leisure, for important events: shoulder bags really have an infinite number of occasions of use.


L’sunglasses becomes necessary when the sun is strong and annoys the eyes, so why not choose a frame in line with the trends of the spring summer 2020 fashion? This year, the models are maxi, with large lenses of geometric shapes such as circles or squares, but they have a touch of flair, with butterfly wings versions, with dégradé effect lenses, or with decorations in hard stones or precious leathers.


The micro bag they literally conquered the fashion system with their miniature size. To be worn more as jewelry or as an accessory than as real bags, the micro bag they can be worn tied to the wrist, at the waist as belts, but also to the neck as if they were necklaces, and are the element that can give a creative and glamorous twist to any outfit.


The pleated skirts they are very feminine and romantic, thanks to a particular processing of the fabric that results in play of light and shadows and movement. For spring, you can combine them with leotards, denim jacket, shoulder strap and slippers if you want an informal look, opting instead for a shirt or blouse and a pair of slingbacks for the evening. Lamé, organza, plain or printed, these skirts have a fresh and cheeky essence perfect for the season.


The hat it is an accessory often overlooked, but which is actually able to give great satisfaction. Much loved by couturiers, they were the accessory that first conquered Coco Chanel, whose maison was born as millinery. For the spring summer 2020 fashion we deviate a little from his Parisian style to get closer to amore urban and street aesthetics, inspired by 90s fashion. The top model is certainly the bucket hat, also known as a fisherman’s hat. Comfortable and practical, to carry folded in the bag thanks to its soft structure, it also has a significant advantage: from the often waxed and waterproof surface, it is excellent to shelter from sudden rains.

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