Summer 2020 fashion skirts: models and outfits with pencil skirt

Spring summer 2020 fashion trend: pencil (and pencil) skirts. Tips and outfits seen on the catwalk and to be copied

Fashion looks to the 1940s, to those simple and elegant pencil skirts that wrap the sides of the American divas. The icon model is the one worn by Lauren Bacall in Southern waters (1944): a pencil cut, that is straight from the hips down, that Cristóbal Balenciaga he then cleaned up with padding or crinolines. The accent on the waist will be Christian Dior, with the “H” silhouette, thus offering a more tapered line.

For spring summer 2020, the designers re-edit the pencil skirts: trendy colors, contrasting embroidery, equatorial patterns and also fun ruffles or fringes that give an unexpected twist to the most classic models.

Pencil skirt + bralette

The summer 2020 outfit consists of a classic garment such as the pencil skirt, combined with an irreverent and precious bralette.

Pencil skirt + short sweater

The urban version of the previous look, synonymous with mischievous femininity.

Pencil skirt with slit

The skirt opens and takes volume thanks to one or more cuts. Also try the sexier version, with dizzying slits along the thigh.

Patterned pencil skirt

Embroideries that bring attention to the hips or all-over pattern, this skirt is suitable for those who are already familiar with the pencil skirt.

Black pencil skirt

It is the basic model: focus on a straight cut, which descends from the hips down, to enhance the feminine forms. The “H” silhouette is obtained with accentuated straps and a thin belt.

Pencil skirt + bustier

This outfit recalls the beautiful and sensual Monica Belucci in the Giuseppe Tornatore film, Malena.

Pencil skirt with fringed hem

To break the rigor of the straight line, the designer has inserted long fringes that accentuate the movement, step by step.

Denim pencil skirt

The casual variant, to try with maxi blazer and lace top.

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