Summer 2020 Fashion: swimsuits and trendy bikinis

One piece or bikini? Here a guide competes with the six swimwear trends of summer 2020

Whole black

Extreme allure for this black one-piece swimsuit with an American neckline. It is ideal on the beach, but in the evening it is worn as an elegant black body. A stying idea to copy.

Vichy checkered costume

Brigitte Bardot’s favorite fantasy is back in fashion: the vichy checks, already seen in street style outfits, peek over bikinis and swimsuits.

Bandeau bikini

Goodbye to the strapless band: the bra is a micro top, inspired by sports and fitness models.

Bikini with slip sgambat (issim) o

Low waist and briefs that rise on the hips as in the 80s. A model that slims the figure and, in particular, the legs.

Super sexy bikini

Laces and drawstring that allow you to transform the bikini into a seduction item. A few centimeters of Lycra to cover and obtain an almost integral tan.

Animal print bikini

Elegant, exotic, sensual: the costumes of summer 2020 are covered with spots and stripes, copying the coat of felines. The ideal choice to seduce …

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