Summer 2020 outfit: 10 fashion must-haves (including clothes and accessories)

Dreaming … the summer 2020 outfit. 10 fashion must-haves: here is our wish list

Even if the summer seems far away, the online shop windows make us travel with the mind and the imagination. We still don’t know if and when the quarantine will end: we cannot deny or reject the situation we are experiencing, but fashion is also a dream.

So we decided to dream, desire and create our “wish list” of 10 must-haves of the summer wardrobe: clothes and accessories that we would like to wear when the happy time comes to leave the house, plan a weekend or book the first flight.

Sandals with wooden heel

A 70’s accessory that is ready to come back into fashion. Wear them with jeans or mini / baby doll clothes.

Buket hat

To protect yourself from the sun or as a glam accessory.

Straw bag

In the city or at the beach, the straw bag is the symbol of summer 2020. We saw it on the catwalk and we can’t wait to show it off with shorts and very light clothes. Also try it in the bucket / wicker basket version (like Jane Birkin).


An ideal versatile garment in & outdoor: a long shirt, tight at the waist with drawstring or belt.

F.R.S – For Restless Sleepers


It is knotted on the head, tied to durag: Check out the Dior runway looks here. Not only that: some influencers use it as a pareo or top. The opens challenge of creativity and styling…


Already seen in business suits, in their free time they are worn with belts at the waist, white shirts and micro tops. Bermudas are the smart garment of summer 2020.

Women’s top

Lace, macramé or sangallo, but also bon ton collars and ruffles, the top is synonymous with femininity.

Gemstone jewelry

If you are creative and you like do-it-yourself, you can make bracelets, necklaces and anklets with hard stones at home. Or decorate the summer outfit with these fashion jewels.

Vichy, animal or polka dot?

Bet on a fantasy, a garment that breaks the monotony. Among the trendy motifs stand out the vichy checks, the animal skins and the white / black polka dots.


If you want a versatile garment, focus on black. In our wish list there are models with a “V” neckline, also perfect as a body / top.

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