Super Moon 2020: arriving between 7 and 8 April

Ls Full Moon in the perigee, that is, the point of the orbit closest to Earth. This is the phenomenon that is identified with the (unscientific) term of superluna. We will see it in the night sky between 7 and 8 April, spectacular and bright (after that of March). The best time to observe it? In theory when it will be closer than ever, that is, at 7.10 pm on April 7 – when the sky will still be quite bright – about 8 hours before the real Full Moon which will be at 4:35 am at night.

The larger dimensions of the Superluna are evident even if not striking. The difference in diameter between a perigee Superluna and an apogee Miniluna, they explain to the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union, is approximately 14 percent (and the difference compared to the “average” Full Moon is 7 percent), while the difference in area and brightness is, instead, about 15 percent compared to the average Moon and 30 compared to the Miniluna.

The sky of April, this year, is rich, very rich in astronomical events: Venus to begin with, which already on April 2, reached the period of maximum permanence in the sky, setting 4 hours and 7 minutes after the Sun, on April 3 meets, rare and truly suggestive event, the star cluster of the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation. A particular astral conjunction that occurs only every 8 years.

That’s not all: also Jupiter, Saturn and Mars they will be protagonists in the morning sky during the month of April, although observation will certainly be more difficult. The red planet, for example, last to rise among the planets visible in the morning, moves away from Saturn, while Jupiter remains the brightest of the three.

At the end of the month, on April 26, after sunset we will see many bright stars on the horizon: the Pleiades, the star Aldebaran, the growing Moon and Venus. To be followed, according to the Italian Astrofilli Union, also the evolution of the comet C / 2019 Y4 Atlas, which could become visible to the naked eye.

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