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Occhii is a New York-based sustainable fashion brand founded by Leonid Batekhin is Ilona Davidoff. Unreplicable Garments is the subtitle of this brand that evidently focuses on the creation of unique pieces, which are designed starting from recovered and embellished materials thanks to handmade processes to further emphasize theunrepeatable. The material they mainly use comes from the Russian shawl manufacturer, Pavlov Posad: a series of wool fabrics printed with rich patterns that are treated with various techniques including tie & dye and over-dyeing, always with a respect for the environment. The recovery also reaches Japan from where advanced vintage fabrics are imported, originally intended for the creation of kimonos, but also a synthetic shearling obtained from a combination of wool and hemp, from France. These fabrics are mixed with cotton and recycled polyester to create entirely new and, above all, unique garments.

The sustainable fashion collection of Occhii it is also characterized by a modern re-presentation of a typically Soviet aesthetic, of a rural mold. In fact, the images that present it seem like country photos recovered (even these!) From a vintage album. The idea of ​​making advanced and discarded materials up-to-date is also repeated on an aesthetic level, renewing a purely traditional stylistic concept, thus bringing it back to the contemporary.

Loose shirts are worn on long skirts with prints Paisley is batik, with discolourations deriving from a handmade tie & dye, or with superimpositions of patterns thanks to the over-dyeing technique. The shawls are totally revolutionized, representing the starting point for the creation of entirely new garments: they are in fact used to make all shirts, as well as for long shirt-dresses and for those gathered at the waist, but also for outwear like overshirts that evoke work uniforms and coats. The fabrics of the kimonos are instead used to insert almost invisible, but very sophisticated details, such as the inner linings or the borders of the cuffs and buttons. The recovery also passes through precious materials such as silk shantung which is hand-painted creating fading effects that evoke naturalistic textures for long structured dresses. Knitwear is another very interesting element of the collection, also in this case the result of the recovery of strips of fabric that are intertwined creating a mélange effect that underlines its uniqueness, both for sweaters and for balaclavas. Finally with maxi doubled shawls in synthetic shearling, decorated by the recurring overlapping of prints.

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