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Rave Review, a sustainable fashion brand, stems from a sense of guilt. “That of wanting to work in fashion conscious of the fact that it is among the most polluting sectors”. Josephine Bergqvist is Livia Schück, the founding duo of the Swedish brand just included among the semi-finalists of the LVMH Prize 2020, meet at the Beckmans Institute in Stockholm, united by the desire “to actively work to change our world and our future”. In 2017 – even before the international movement launched by Greta Thunberg -, the two designers decided to build a project a zero impact that fills the shortcomings in the Scandinavian market: a high end brand entirely focused on sustainable fashion and made only with recycled or upcycled materials and certified for every aspect, from packaging to delivery to the end customer. The debut is in Paris in 2018. “Although the project was ambitious, we had the support of the press and a good response from the buyers”, they explain. For the choice of fabrics, their strong point, they rely on Stockholm agencies specialized in the search for deadstocks – wool, silks, denim, but also textiles for furnishings: curtains, tapestries, sheets and lace tablecloths, towels. Materials with which they create only unique pieces: vintage plaid dresses and outerwear found in Stockholm – “the coat is our bestseller in all seasons, we create it in many versions” -, padded jackets with 70’s and 80’s duvets, or even skirts and trousers made with Asian kimono and jacquard. The result is a grunge style with tartan combinations and Paisley, matelassé and floral prints, assembled in simple pack clothes. “The hardest thing was finding who could provide us with the material to work on,” they recall. «Having wanted to reduce every type of waste from the beginning, it was essential for us to find every zero kilometer element, to produce everything in some ateliers scattered around the capital, to search for sustainable packaging and, finally, to push the stockists to respect our related conditions to sustainability ».

Taken from the article that was published in Vogue Italia, n.835, March 2020.

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