Take Cues From French-Girl Style for Your Winter Fashion

If you’re looking for quality content that revolves around French girl style, you’ve come to the right place. As far back as I can remember, Who What Wear has done the best investigative journalism when it comes to Parisian women and their effortless but unusually chic way of dressing. From analyzing every inch of their outfits to conducting formal interviews, there’s no distance we won’t go to get the scoop for all of you. As an editor myself, I can personally testify to dozens of stories I have worked on that are dedicated to the style of French girls. Combine that with all the content my colleagues have created and I’m pretty sure we could write a book on the subject.

Not to be completely pessimistic, but that probably won’t happen, however, a story compiling all of the best French style secrets I’ve collected along the way is. The next 6 tips are the ones I think about regularly as I dress every day, have remained relevant over the course of over 4 years, and make sure I have top notch outfit time and time again. Ahead, get ready to read some quotes and style secrets that some of my favorite French girls have shared with me and other Who What Wear editors over the years.

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