“Takeaway books” and online initiatives for those who love reading

There is more time than usual in these isolation days. And between a film, a video call with friends and the last episode of your favorite TV series, you want to read (or listen to) a book. And maybe even to write it. Or to hear a poem, but this time read with the right emphasis and intonation. Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities on the web and on social networks. Let’s try to tell you some.


If what you are missing, in this time of emergency Covid 19, is just reading the classic paper book, maybe just released LibridaAsporto is the one for you. It is a service in support of independent bookstores, which are currently closed but which can have their books delivered to their customers totally free of charge for the bookstore and for the customer (the initiative is financially supported by publishers and more than thirty are those who have already contributed). The list of participating libraries, constantly updated, is available on the website.

Home writers

On the social networks of Sonzogno and Marsilio many activities to follow starting from the video-readings of the authors who present and read their books. As for example Rosa Teruzzi with “Last nettle tango. Not only. By registering on the Facebook Writers at home group you will find a rich review of video presentations. Among the authors Marsilio, Marina Valensise presents La Temeraria in dialogue with Elisabetta Bolondi and Antonio G. Bortoluzzi presents How things are done in dialogue with Federica Augusta Rossi; Francesco Pacifico and Chiara Valerio, on the same page, give life to the Dalloween cycle on the occasion of the release of Me and Clarissa Dalloway. New sentimental education for children.

Harry Potter at home

It is an initiative that allows adults and children to listen for free to the audio book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese. The author, J.K. Rowling with Wizarding World Partners is Audible – leader in the production of quality audio entertainment content (audiobooks and podcasts). To listen on Audible Stories or in the only Italian version read by Francesco Pannofino on Audible.it/acasaconaudible directly from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, without having to register for Audible.


If you love lyrics, the initiative of a well-known Italian actor, Alessio Boni, originally from Lake Iseo in the province of Bergamo, is one of the cities most affected by the Coronavirus. The actor, who recently became a dad, decided to use his talent to make his closeness to the country felt and every day from his Instagram profile he reads a poem with the right emphasis and the correct intonation. It goes by I need the sea by Pablo Neruda a Nostalgia by Nazim Hikmet to the beautiful Write a resume by Wislawa Szymborska, passing through The wave by Gabriele D’ annunzio e Homework in the classroom by Jacques Prévert.

How a book is made

If, in addition to reading them, however, you would also like to make books, for you Marcos y Marcos puts his publishing course on the field, this time online and at a reduced price (150 euros for those who register by April 6, otherwise 175) . It is one of the historical courses of this kind (it was born 20 years ago) and – in ten days from 16 to 26 April – it offers a concrete and suggestive overview to those who want to be serious with books. Eight appointments before dinner with the publishers Claudia Tarolo and Marco Zapparoli from 16 to 19 and then from 23 to and 26 April from 18 to 19.45.


Again Marcos y Marcos offers creative reading and writing workshops free of charge to teachers and parents in digital format: from BookSound, dedicated to reading aloud a Marcos y Marcos with doors open where the behind the scenes of a book is told, up to creative writing workshops of Cristiano Cavina, of Sarah Spinazzola, and the brand new of Sofia Gallo is Pino Pace linked to their novel out in early May: Out of Galera. On the new website of the publishing house, in the MarcoScuole section, many others ideas for reading and having fun with a book, writing tips and creative reading activities to give vent to the imagination of young people in these different days and train their writing skills. All the info on the Marcos y Marcos website.

Milan Tell Milan

It is a BookCity project, who wants to entrust citizens with the narration of the city starting from the streets named after great authors. Thus were born the Vie Narranti and the Thinking ways: the first is a series of events in the square where citizens will tell the life and works of great protagonists of the narrative to which some streets of the Town Hall 2 are dedicated; with the same road criteria le Thinking ways, in collaboration with the cultural association Mechrì, will see young philosophers perform in the square in short lessons on the philosophical theories of great thinkers. Protagonists of the project are citizens, whom BookCity collects. Until April 15th it will be possible to send your application (form available on www.bookcitymilano.it) to actively participate by becoming narrators of your city. The selected will be invited to participate in a training course consisting of four telematic meetings (21 April, 11 – 18 – 25 May) on the art of storytelling, held by Luca Scarlini, essayist, playwright and storyteller, at the end of which they will return a original story of the life and works of the author chosen from among those to whom the streets of the Town Hall 2 are dedicated. The project is completed in collaboration with Casa della carità, edited by ArtsFor_, with the contribution and patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

+ BOOKS – VIRUS (and other Ippocampo initiatives)

Until May 31, 2020, against a purchase, of any amount, made on the ippocampoedizioni.it website, 20% will be donated to strengthen Intensive Care and First Aid at the hospitals of Bergamo, Rozzano (MI), Castellanza (VA) and Turin (free shipping for orders of € 29.00 or more). The publishing house also organizes many other social initiatives, such as #LibraiACasa active on all social networks: in each episode, a bookseller tells his favorite book of L’ippocampo. With the hashtags #IppocampiACasa and #IppocampiAiFornelli it is possible to share what is the book of the hippocampus that has kidnapped our hearts or what is the recipe of a book from the publishing house that we have made in recent days. And finally: in agreement with Milanoperibambini.it and Federica Buglioni, co-author of the book 60 Montessori activities in the kitchen, an extract in .pdf of the volume is available for free. You can find it here.
Some of the activities are also published on Instagram, under the hashtag #MontessorInCasa

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