The 10 Best Sandalwood Perfumes of All Time

We’ve talked before about the predominance of beloved notes like rose and vanilla in what looks like the majority of our favorite scents, and cozy sandalwood is another unanimous favorite. It manages to feel warm and woody, but it also has a creamy richness, which makes it the perfect base note for a wide range of scents. fair the sweet, spicy, or musky types you might initially assume.

Whether you’re already a sandalwood fan like us or new or unsure of the popular note, we’re going to go ahead and say adding a sandalwood scent to your wardrobe fall scent is one of the best moves you can make. season (especially in the “you smell so good” compliments department). Thanks to its surprising versatility, we are convinced that the perfect, warm and inviting sandalwood scent exists for anyone who likes to wear perfumes or just wants to smell an intoxicating scent. Does this sound overkill? Just wait because we’ve rounded up the 10 best sandalwood scents to prove how serious we are. Continue scrolling!

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