The 20 Best Casual White Dresses for Summer

Everyone has this item of clothing and they are guilty of buying one too many. Maybe one pair of jeans too many? (Guilty.) Or white T-shirts? (Double culprit.) Or maybe you have something for the white dresses? (Well, three is a guilty charm!) Undeniably, my fondness for white dresses exceeds all my other dress obsessions now that the air is soft, the sun is in great shape and summer has officially arrived. And nothing says summer quite like a light and fresh dress. For the beach, for the holidays, for the weekend and for work, a white dress can solve any clothing dilemma.

Whether it’s a plain linen midi dress, pretty mini English embroidery or a flattering wrap silhouette, this season, I am attracted to dresses that are effortless but that can be dressed or relaxed easily. Bonus if they have simple but striking details – puffed sleeves and smocks are my jam right now.

Below, I share some of my favorites that I have worn recently, as well as the fanciest choices I have been waiting for for the coming sunny season.

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