The 22 Best Wide-Leg Sweatpants That Are So Chic

Yes, classic sweatshirts have met their match. While jogger-style sweatpants peaked in popularity in the spring and became the It-piece of the year, fall ushers in a new silhouette of loungewear that is just as comfortable but a little cooler for the new season. Right now, it’s all about loose sweatpants. With a high waist and relaxed fit, they tend to look more like pants and therefore contribute to a more chic and refined vibe. And as you will see below, fashion people even wear them outside the house with sweaters and boots.

Since shopping is exactly what we do here, I went ahead and found the best wide leg sweatpants that I know you are going to love. After browsing through my favorite retailers like H&M, Nordstrom, and Zara, I have found the following 22 sweatshirts that are just as comfortable as they are chic, including one $ 16 pair in particular that an Amazon buyer described as “the Saint.” The holy grail of comfortable pants ”. So with that, keep shopping each pair and get inspired by how to wear them along the way.

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