The 24 Best Dark Lipsticks That Look So Stunning

We get a lot of aesthetic inspiration from celebrity makeup artists and the looks they create for their A-list clientele, but it’s an undisputed fact that movie characters from decades past serve as the ultimate living vision board for everything, iconic hairstyles with enviable makeup. looks. A quick scroll to the bottom of the old Instagram feed shows how pop culture icons from Almost knownPenny Lane to Margot Tenenbaum still informs how we approach beauty to this day, but when I think of the film from my youth that made the most indelible impression, the cult-classic 1996 release The job at the top of the list. A recent re-look of this beloved relic from the grunge era reminded me how much a woman – even a rebellious teenage witch – looks like a dark lipstick.

Yes i am one of the those people who can’t help but keep up with makeup trends by watching movies. (This is attributed to journalistic prowess.) But other than their very scary spells, Nancy, Bonnie, Rochelle, and Sarah all knew how to work a dark, bold lip. Just in time for Halloween and the upcoming winter season, take a look at this selection of lipsticks that would definitely appear in every young witch’s collection. Because casting spells to make your bully classmate bald is hard work, and lipstick is a must.

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