The 25 Best Fall Boots of the Season, Period

It’s no secret that my friends, colleagues and relatives have a thing for boots. Besides being my favorite category of shoes to buy and wear, they just might be my favorite fashion item period. So it wouldn’t be surprising to someone like my husband if on a hot and humid August day like today, I already think about the pairs that I eye when the temperatures drop. However, I thought I would give you that little bit of context in case any of this is news to you.

Now, back to the real topic under consideration – the fall boots that I can’t help but covet already. From sleek to chunky, black to brown to beige, there are more styles on my many wishlists than I could ever grab for myself, but I’ve decided to share them all. anyway. After all, just because I can’t have them doesn’t mean someone else can’t and, when it comes to options, I’m definitely a more is more kind of customer and thought you might be too. So, without further ado, keep scrolling to see and, of course, shop all of my boot choices – so far – for the season ahead.

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