The 25 Best Fall Sneakers of 2020, Hands Down

In fall and winter, I basically stick with two types of footwear: boots and sneakers. In fact, I don’t wear a lot of sneakers when it’s hot, so only buying sneakers at this time of year has become the norm for me. This fall, in particular, I’ve been really on high alert for fall sneakers, as comfort is 2020’s biggest trend. And there are so many cool styles on the market that I naturally had to have them. share.

So what makes a sneaker fall sneaker, you ask? I find the color scheme to be essential (think camel, red, navy, and off-white), as well as special details like suede, snakeskin, and fur accents. I’m on the hunt for sneakers that will go best with sweaters, jeans and sweatpants, and I’ll save my sports sneakers for workouts. If that is what you are looking for as well, keep scrolling to buy the 25 Stylish Fall Sneakers I took several hours to cut back.

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