The 25 Best Sweaters at & Other Stories We’re Obsessing Over

I pop into the what’s new section at & Other Stories several times a week (as I do with many of my other favorite retailers) while researching my shopping stories. Normally there are a lot of pieces, from jeans to bags, that I brand so that I can showcase them afterwards, but if I’m being honest, the retailer’s sweaters are just different. From their more on-trend styles like cardigans with fancy buttons to more basic but beautifully designed styles, many of these knits are also delightfully affordable at around $ 100 or less. And speaking of personal experience, the quality is top notch.

On a recent visit to the site, I scrolled through the brand’s sweaters and knits and landed on 25 styles that I’m quietly obsessed with. Ok, well I fell in love with a lot more than just 25, but for the sake of brevity I had to narrow it down to my favorite. Ahead you will find the best & Other Stories sweaters in my opinion, a self-proclaimed fanatic of them. You know what to do – scroll down to see them all.

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