The 27 Best Fashion Basics to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

I’ll admit that I tend to buy a lot of random but surprisingly useful items on Amazon – from books to bath accessories, baby gear to electronics – I can fill my Amazon shopping cart online faster than I can. can refresh my Insta feed. But if there is one item that I buy more than any other on Amazon, it’s the basics of fashion. From my favorite $ 6 Hanes tee to the classic black tank dress I wear over and over again, the one-stop shop is my go-to for reliable and affordable wardrobe essentials.

As a fashion market publisher, I tend to cover purchases on Amazon many-So I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about the best brands and sartorial basics worth picking up at the multi-brand retailer. So, with Amazon Prime Day upon us (which runs October 13-14), there’s no better time to stock up on timeless daily basics. Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite Amazon staples as well as what I’m catching on sale.

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